Essence of Freedom


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            India is a monumental homeland that had enormous severalty of feathers which gained the paramountcy among the world. Eventually, Indian empire is a cradle of tradition, custom, achievement, anecdotes, and what not. The lavishness immensely engaged with beauty, culture, and its heritage. It preserved the flourished civilization more than six hundred decades. The Indian precursors always occupied a leading- edge in their thinking which commonly widespread in nowadays science, technology, and system.

            The crescentic growth of India faded by the penetrative arrival of the British. The first part of the nineteenth century is a stumbling block in the history when The East India Company entered for the purpose of merchandise, then slowly the British crown turn out as a commander of the nation. Initially, India divided by its administrative zone, then the judicial intervention, later the attempt of English language access in educational system all are portrayed a stain in socio- cultural fabric. Later countless reactionary movements burst in the sacred soil. Too much of blood-shed and slaughters acquired the freedom.

            Beyond freedom, India needed a sufficient re-innovation. The essential changes keenly replicated in English spoken, English in morals, tastes, the Opinion even in the intellectual sector, the way of Indian outlook and style, this kind of western superiority aimed not to educate but train Indians to obey. The same clutches followed the 21st-century women in the name of male chauvinism. As women’s are equally fought against the British, even the outlook alternated the patriarchal mind set haunted to degrade women. If any voice raised against any issue the discrimination comes in many ways, as it eventually starts from the way women’s are dressing. Male’s are not ready to accept the stuff the women have, instead of the physical appearance and femininity swiftly approached women’s as an inferior sex.

            The fundamental thought stays as a woman is the second sex which strongly utters next to the men. Men may be blessed with strength, but women with certain sensibility & intelligence. The masculine view is much indulged with the feminine beauty is just moving with grace rather than her modesty and inner strength. In all aspects, a man could play a legitimate role with his masculine superiority but in the case of women, orthodox, custom, tradition, family reputation all are prime factors for restraining their growth.Whether this structure is framed to guard men or women?

           The phrase ‘honest’ connote be only for men and ‘purity’ for women. Masculine and Feminine roles are not biologically fixed but it socially constructed a mysterious law. The educated society led the path of the luxury of men denoted as ‘privacy’ in pubs and hotels. If a woman, seeking privacy she described as an “Educated devil” the spoiling agent of conventionalism. when they work hard with extra hours and shifts for sustainability, they faced the wrath of a male ego storm in their work. If they attain any reward, the hard work never prevailed but the real flattery would be noted as definitely right, there is “SOMETHING” behind it. Even in sports, as women try to prove their ability with national proud, it results as a boring one with sour taste.


Women’s learned the customized phrases like “take all, as usual, it is not new for you, etc. “. when they are ready to face the degrading mimes and abusive quotes about women the only positivity outcome is “you can still be strong, and be feminine with your esteemed value”. This social issues made an ambiguity that whether they are really enjoying the freedom without the gender bias? who is the sociable real citizen? Who is predominantly contrary to the women’s liberation? Is the society well-built with equality? when will the society changes its mindset is from the old hierarchy to the society outwardly praises the power of women empowerment but intensively not worth it?

           This is the bitter truth existing today. The change is the unchangeable thing in the world when it turns a good one until then women wore a smiley mask behind the hurdles. So, be the initiator of good change which the nation expecting.

           We women’s are not against the proud of men and the pride of Independent India, the sadness is its MALE INDEPENDENT INDIA, do give us freedom. Until then it’s not CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE DAY it’s LET US FREE

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