Adoption: A Re-Awakening of a Healthy Society

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The childhood is the very pleasant stage of life, there we forget all the worries and filled only with happiness. The children with bright uniforms, playing pranks with their friends are the well being traits of a school going kid. Education is the tool that breaks the cycle of poor, hopelessness and it enables the children to look forward to a bright future, but are all the children have been gaining the parallel equality in their education? This is a tragic question ends in a negativity. The poverty level in our country leads to the abandoning the children and they get less chance to attend the quality education and fulfill their dream.

The Psychological needs of the children:

The basic secureness of a child should have education, healthcare, food, and shelter. An analysis shows that In South-Asia, only one-third of the orphan children get the opportunity to enter the schooling. The psychological level of this children is extremely strange than the non-orphan children. They are easily experiencing the emotional difficulties than the ordinary children. The usual well being of a society based on love, Parental caring and affection which are securely given by their parents. It leads the high esteem and good identity in the social group. In the case of orphan children, the lack of social identity determine the aggressive outlook on the society, they become emotionally unstable and low level of self- esteem.

The victimization of the children:

Recently, a girl child found in the forest behave like an animal! is a stunning news which amuses all, but we failed to note the darkness of abandonment in India. She is unable to speak,  then how her parents were easily denied their own child? Aftermath the people followed to visit her as a wild animal. Because there is an ambiguity reason is she may undertake by monkeys due to she walked on both her hand and foot. The existing condition of society shows that people are losing their tendency worse than the animals. The social system utterly shut down their concentration on the dark side of the denying children. In only myths, people show their pity on the imaginary characters and strongly argued the illness faced by them, if the same case occurred in the society they simply become a dumb.

The unpredictable growth of foundlings:

The statistical view on orphan may threaten the future growth of our nation. Approximately 4% of the total population in India denotes the foundling children including the children are in physically disabled condition. But all the Children attain their education and physical need is a great doubt. The other hazard is India is one of the leading countries on the list of most dangerous countries for women in the world. The more female infanticide will lead to the drastic decrease of the young women ratio in the future. Nearly, 20 million children are abandoned by their parents. The abandoning child is a notorious process held mainly for the health deficiency, poverty level, unplanned pregnancies, and illicit affairs are the major causes. Adoption is a better choice not only for who are wishing for the child, more than that it gives a bright future for the adopting child. Nowadays adoption is turned to be a regular procedure but in India, it is still in awe condition. The Indian adopters who longing for the children mostly prefers the infants who belong to the age group of 0-2 years. 70-80% of the adopters want the healthy and normal child.

The adoption mere for ‘Education’:

kites adoption day

The surprising note is the frequent need of the female child is aroused in the recent years. At the same time, the physically challenged and certain older children are still in the orphanages and asylums. The adoption awareness is a lack in our nation because the older children and the physically challenged are adopted high level by the foreigners than Indians. To heal the society with abandonment, ‘Adoption’ is the only way to abolish the atrocities against the foundlings. The adoption should be to ‘Educate’ when they started to educate the marginalization can slowly resolve and it will be a healthy society for all. The better decision makes an even better living. Adoption is an opportunity for the foundling to cross the clutches of both physical and emotional atrocities.

 Renew the new world with adoption! Save the future of the children.

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